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Tuesday, 21 July 2020 05:25

Feeling Inadequate

Written by Dr Priya Fafat
Feeling Inadequate
As babies we fell multiple times,
Before we could actually stand
Today, we can walk, jog, run marathons
Even scale heights to reach the summit.

As a parent you may have hit the wall,
As a spouse your best may not seem good enough
As a friend you may have felt let down,
At work you may have suffered a loss
As a professional, your idea may have failed,
As a student maybe you are struggling with a subject,
As a sportsman, you may feel out of touch,
As a child maybe you did not make a good choice,
As any of us, you may feel challenged and anxious
About an unfamiliar and unpredictable future…..

Feeling inadequate,
Feeling “I am not good enough” or
Even actually ‘failing’ at something today,
You may have hit a low today.

Don’t let that undermine your capabilities
Know that it Is not a reflection
Of your innate abilities and skills
Or your potential or your future.

Ride the waves of feeling insufficient today,
Flow with it to meet the coastline.
Churn again, persist….
You will emerge again
Capable of riding up high, and will flow again to meet the coastline.
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