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Sunday, 16 February 2014 16:16

My Emotional World

Written by Jasmine Chia

In my emotional world
Lives my deeply wounded heart and soul
With feelings of pain untold
Believe me, this' so wounded
You wouldn't want to know

What are you going to do in my emotional world?
Are you going to sew my bleeding heart?
To stitch up every bleeding part
And make it into a beautiful heart?

How are you going to comfort my wounded soul?
One that hides away and is so afraid of the world
Will you walk with her for awhile and show her the path?
Till she is sure and knows no fear

I want my heart to bleed no more
And my soul to be free
So if you were to enter into my emotional world
Promise me to handle with care and shower with lots of love
Cos' tis' not easy to mend my deeply wounded heart and soul

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