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Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)


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Jon Sim 
Employee Wellbeing and Strategic Partnership Director

Employee Wellbeing Programme (EWP)

Get supported and be at the top of your game!

Employee wellbeing is not a luxury but rather a necessity for any organisation. It is as necessary as our breath for your organisation to survive, succeed and grow.


“..the most successful organisations are now turning their attention to employee wellbeing as a way to gain emotional, financial and competitive advantage.” Tom Rath, Gallup. A healthy mind and body has been shown to increase productivity and performance at work. Research has shown that organisations that invest in their employee’s wellbeing and happiness, at least 85% of employees take more initiative in their work and 52% care more about their work. And 73% become better collaborators. Is that what you wish to see in your organisation?


At Holistic Psychotherapy Center (HPC), we provide a comprehensive Employee Wellbeing  Programme (EWP) programme to meet your employees professional and personal needs. We do not just focus on employee assistance programme (EAP) but focus on deeper wellbeing needs. We have experience covering a wide range of challenges: workplace stress, lack of motivation, inability to focus, conflicts at work, anxiety, depression, grief, anger, and personal relationship amongst others. Moreover, under the umbrella of Accelerant X Group, we are able to provide consultancy, culture change, mindfulness and leadership programmes amongst others.  

Access To Mental and  Emotional  Wellbeing

Your staff can connect with us 24/7! Instant access to our mental health experts consisting of psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches who can provide  immediate support as  they are are only a phone call away.

They can choose from the following services: 

video call
video call

Video call

face to face
face to face


24/7 telephone consult
24/7 telephone consult

24/7 Telephone Consult

Corporate Programmes

Instant Connection towards investing in your Psychological Wellbeing.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

We have programmes to meet all of your organisational needs. These include:

➔       Employee Counselling and Psychotherapy:

  • Individual

  • Group/Team Counselling

  • Career Counselling 

  • Grief Counselling 

  • LGBTQI Counselling 

  • Expat Relocation Counselling

  • Family Related Services

  • Addiction Counselling (Tech/Alcohol/Gambling)

  • Workplace Support Counselling (harassment, subordination etc)

  • Burnout Support

➔       Lunch Time Talks

➔       Mindfulness and Wellbeing Programmes and Training

➔       Training and Development Workshops and Facilitation

➔       Critical Incident Support: One counsellor will be placed onsite for a specific period as needed by the organisation 

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Through Accelerant X Group (AXG), we can also offer you the following services:

➔       Organisational Development & Human Resource Consultancy


➔       Management Consultancy


➔       Strategic Management Retreats


➔       Business Culture Blueprint


➔       Change Management


➔       Executive Coaching


➔       Leadership Development


➔       Talent Management


➔       Staff and Employee Development


Depending on the programme chosen, each employee receives one or more of the following and we will customise more support materials based on our needs analysis:

➔       Mindfulness App, the Awareness Space, for their personal practice. This can be customised to an organisation's needs.


➔       Digital worksheets for tracking progress


➔       Personal Wellbeing Map


➔       Digital reading materials


➔       Psychometric Testing (where necessary)

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)


On a quarterly basis, you can choose to receive a summary report from us on the services engaged by your company.
As counselling and psychotherapy sessions are protected by confidentiality clauses, we will only be able to provide overall summary without going into details of any individual employee. 

For packages and exploration

Connect with us for various package rates or have a chat on possible solutions to meet your needs.

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