We believe in your strengths and we know that you have been successful in your life. What is success is highly subjective and you need to find success in what aligns with you. That is the route to happy living. Life and the moment of experiences are to be sipped slowly like coffee. Experience life’s rich aroma and engage all your senses through awareness in your living.

Sometimes, we need someone to walk the shorter journeys of life with us when we experience downtimes or even during new opportunities. Come and chat with us and let’s make a difference to each other’s lives.

What do we believe in? You, Us and the Universe!

Our Services

Our Services

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Individual Counselling

Know thyself! Individual counselling is a dynamic and collaborative process between the therapist and you. Everyone needs a listening ear and an objective perspective to our subjective world for a variety of life challenges from grieving over the lost of a love one to career challenges or addiction. You will gain greater self and other awareness and its a great facilitations towards personal growth.

Premarital Consultation

Marriage is one of the most exciting, joyful and meaningful period of our lives. In all this excitement, sometimes we overlook asking important questions about each other such as our long term dreams or what habits disgusts us. Premartial consultation provides a open and trusting holding space for couples to explore the bridges that connects then and which ones need to be adjusted or even changed in order for a healthy long term relationship. There is psychoeducation, exploration of taboo topics, identify the couple’s strengths and rheas of improvement,coaching and exchange of tips throughout the consultation.

Marriage Counselling

Objectivity is not easy when we are in intimate relationships and sometimes we are just able to say to our partners what we think. Marriage counselling NEED NOT be an ‘LAST RESORT’ option. Couples come in for a variety of issues from gambling habits that is destroying the marriage to adultery or abuse. Some couples come in to resolve ‘emergency’ issues which does not occur again in the relationship. Early intervention is always recommended. The therapist provides both parties is a safe environment to voice out any issues of hurt, disappointments or even anger and find amicable ways of managing it and feeling renewed in the relationship.

Children Counselling

Children are a great gift and joy of life. Sometimes they can have challenges managing themselves and this could be due to miscommunication or misunderstandings between the child’s and the adults world. Children often comment that they feel unheard or even blamed for anything that happens in their homes or schools. The techniques for children in therapy varies widely from that of an adult. We use play therapy, stories, drama, art, painting and dolls amongst our many tools to help us understand their unconscious self while helping the child experience carrhesis for better emotional regulation. Counselling can provide them with an avenue to express themselves positively, gain support, normalise their challenges and learn coping skills for better self and other management.

Family Therapy

The family is one of the most unique social system. Families have their own norms, beliefs, culture, structure, traditions and patterns of communications amongst others. No two families are ever alike. In our experience, families are powerful when they work together and yet can be the weakest link in a person’s life when the bonds are loose or broken. We use a variety of approach such as Attachment Theory, Bowenian Family Systems, Structural Family Therapy, Satir’s Communications Approach and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. We believe that a family is a great support for anyone and healing can take place if each member sees their role and contribution to a problem or a solution.

Group Therapy

This form of psychotherapy is highly effective and can be used for a wide range of goals. Being in a group helps one to learn from one another’s experience; see the universality of challenges; installation of hope and ability to see people in different stages of recovery; sharing of a vast wealth of knowledge amongst members and the therapist; recapitulation of the family group; learning new social skills; modelling behaviours; and improving interpersonal relationships amongst others. We have therapy groups, process groups, support groups and peer supervision groups amongst others.

Life Coaching

Be the best that you can be! Life coaching helps one to reach their personal goals and dreams and fulfil their personal projects. It’s like having a personal gym trainer. We examine your strengths, goals, desires, possible obstacles and challenges, and walk the journey towards self development through clear directions, planning and moving into action and we also evaluate along the way. People come to us for career transitions, motivation, spirituality, family and parenting amongst others. Coaching is very future focused.

Support Groups

As the name goes, members support each other through tough and challenging times with the help of a professional who facilities each session. Members support each other with listening, sharing of information and experiences, professional and personal strategies are exchanged and each comes out of the session feeling stronger, less isolated, empowered and more hopeful. Support groups help people to cope better and make connections with people with similar challenges and specific issues. Members continue to network even out of the sessions. We will be starting new groups for parents with young children; parents with teens; and parents with children with special needs.

Skype Counselling

This is a great alternative to individual counselling which is held face-to-face. With the advancement of technology, we use the high quality video conferencing programme, Skype, to connect with our clients all over the world. Skype is free to download and use and extremely easy to set up. Our counsellor will guide you through the process of set-up.

Supervision (for trainee consolers and psychotherapist)

We have a pool of supervisors who are willing to impart their knowledge and expertise to trainees in the field. The practitioner will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss your case work and areas of development. The goal is for your to keep yourself updated on the latest skills, learn from your own experience and to ensure quality service to your clients. We also offer group supervision on a monthly basis.

Training, Lecturing and Tutoring

We have a pool of trainers, lecturers and resource speakers who can be engaged for talks, workshops and seminars. We also trained and lecture at the local tertiary schools and private institutions for future counsellors and psychotherapists amongst others. Feel free to connect with us for joint opportunities.

Yoga and Meditation

The Psycho-therapeutic dimensions of Yoga can be complimentary to all forms of Counselling. We provide Yoga Therapy which utilises Physical Practices coupled with Contemplative Techniques to bring about the desired outcome for our clients.

Psychometric Profiling and Tests

Psychometric profiling is done for recruitment, change of career or even career advancement. You can however do tests as part of your own self-development by creating your own behavioural profile and using it to advance yourself through knowing your strengths and working on areas to be improved. Some of the tools we use are MBTI, DISC, Facet5, FIRO-B and EQi2.0.

Karmic-Strengths Profiling

The ancient science of Karmic Strengths Profiling is called Vedic Astrology. This science allows anyone to delve into the unseen strengths of a personality or overcome challenges that may seem to impossible to surmount. These are the hidden aspects of one’s personality that can aid in therapy.