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Mindfulness App


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The Mindfulness App that doesn't cost you a penny

Enhance your Wellbeing and Elevate your Performance!

As part of the Accelerant X Group (AXG) offer, you can download this Awareness Space App to experiment with some of the mindfulness practices that the therapist shares with you during your session. We have globally recognised Certified Mindfulness Teachers  and Psychotherapists who can guide you through the mindfulness practices and even conduct 8 week structured programmes for your family and you and for organisations.

Evidence-Based Mindfulness Practices

All our practices are evidence based mindfulness practices. Use this app to guide you in your daily mindfulness practices to support your journey outside of the therapy room. 

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Range of Services

The Awareness Space App is focused on all things mindfulness without any distractions. You can choose to listen to practices or to read articles. Organisations who sign up with us also have a dedicated programme for their staff to practice. Each practice has a timer so that you can fully focus on following the instructions of the audio track rather than looking at the clock. We have also added reminders so that you can schedule your practices without any worries. And a final tip: we have a mindfulness bell built in so you can choose to just meditate for a minute without any audio support too.

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