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Photo of Suki Tong Soon Han

Suki Tong Soon Han

Child and Adolescent Specialist, Counsellor

Academic Qualifications & Certifications

  • Master’s degree in Health Science
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology degree
  • Diploma in Learning Disabilities
  • Diploma in Special Education
  • Specialist Certificate in Counselling
Suki is active as an educator, working with children for more than 10 years, providing psycho-education and training with emphasis on cultivating mental, emotional and interpersonal skills as the basis for enhancing and enriching school, family and vocational life. She uses an eclectic approach, combining psychology, music and art in training. She also lectures in psychology programs for various university programmes in Singapore. She also has many years of experience as an educator in the area of special needs and work extensively with children with learning disabilities. She also lectures at the local polytechnics and workshops at various institutions.
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