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Psychological, Psychotherapy
& Counselling


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What is therapy? 

Psychotherapy and counselling are general terms used to describe the process of therapeutic interaction and intervention between a therapist and a client or clients. It is not easily described as it varies greatly depending on the therapist, the client, and the particular problems a client(s) presents.


There are a wide range and variety of approaches that can be used to deal with the challenges/opportunities that are brought by you and/or your family/group to therapy. Our services are unlike a visit to the medical doctors as your active participation and cooperation is required for therapy to be effective. Therapy has both its benefits, costs and discomforts and even unpleasant thoughts when past events are processed. However, there are many benefits in therapy such as more healthy thinking, feelings and actions. You may also experience changes in the behaviour of others around you as a positive impact of the changes you have made in your life. 

Therapy helps you fully discover who you are and live life as meaningfully as possible with alignment to your purpose. 

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