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Psychologists / Counsellors 


Our Holistic Team

We believe strongly in you, your strengths and abilities. We believe in working collaboratively and co-journeying life.

We have a pool of dedicated psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, mindfulness and wellbeing coaches, who believe in Holistic Living. Each of one of us has gone through years of training and practice. As you can see, we are not a young team and have years of life experience, corporate experience and experience in psychology, counselling and psychotherapy. 

Click on any of our team members to find out more about us or arrange a non-obligatory call with us to find the best fit for you. 

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Dr. Sunita Rai (PsyD, CMT-P, CMSAC)

English, Hindi, Chinese

Clinical & Counselling Psychologist | Clinical Member & Registered Counsellor (RC) | Certified Mindfulness Teacher & Coach (CMT-P) | Clinical Supervisor | Lecturer | Author

Reviews for Dr. Sunita Rai

Loved how patient and personable Dr Sunita was, and how she took time to break down therapy concepts and theories in lectures, going through case scenarios and even role playing (with outfits and all!) to help us understand them in a fun and digestible manner. I can tell she's very knowledgeable in what she does plus with how she is as a person, she's a definite help in whatever role she takes on - lecturer, therapist or otherwise. Thank you Dr Sunita!

- Jillian Joelle

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Dr. Emmanuel Bernet (Ph.D)

English, French

Educational Psychologist |Professional Counsellor | Pedagogical Consultant | Lecturer | Researcher (Education)

Reviews for Dr. Emmanuel Bernet

He is highly versatile and able to motivate children and teens alike to pursue their studies with enthusiasm.

- SR

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Dr. Priya Fafat (CMT-P)

English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marati

Psychotherapist | Clinical Member & Registered Counsellor (RC) | Certified Mindfulness Teacher & Coach (CMT-P)

Reviews for Dr Priya Fafat

Priya Fafat is a great counsellor & coach who listens to your problem and tries to provide long term, sustainable solutions. I am benefiting from my sessions long after they were over. Her practices made me realise that it is easy to make small tweaks to incorporate mindfulness in our daily life which will add in and make a huge different eventually. Thanks Priya.

- GK

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Hernie Khames-Martin (CMT-P)

English, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia

Psychotherapist | Professional Counsellor | Expressive & Art Therapist | Certified Mindfulness Teacher & Coach (CMT-P)

Reviews for Hernie

We were very grateful as a family to have Hernie as a partner to work with our daughters to help them through covid related and teenager anxiety related challenges. She was deeply empathetic and helped them think through their challenges in a structured manner. With our teenager she helped her set up clear boundaries, understand the importance of prioritising and listening to her needs and balancing being empathetic with doing what's right. She took great care to keep us updated without compromising on her promise to the kids to keep things confidential. I can't recommend Hernie enough!

- SF

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Jon Sim Kok Lim


Psychotherapist | Professional Counsellor | LGBTQI+ Counsellor

Reviews for Jon Sim Kok Lim

Jon was super helpful in clarifying my identity, esteem and did not judge me in the process. He was willing to listen and share nuggets of life to help me develop coping mechanisms.

- Anonymous

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Shirley Wang

English, Chinese

Psychotherapist | Professional Counsellor | Transactional Analysis (TA) Practioner

Reviews for Shirley Wang

Just finished my 4th session with Shirley and she's been nothing but encouraging, helpful and gives me the tools to help me navigate through dealing with stress, anxiety and burn out. I feel at ease speaking to her and look forward to our session every week! I've seen tremendous improvement in the way I've been dealing with my emotions and my thought process. Thumbs up! Would definitely recommend :)

- Adel Lim

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Ainaa Amira Binte Mohamad Noor

English, Malay

Professional Counsellor

Reviews for Ainaa

Amira was incredibly patient and non-judgemental about my thoughts, helping me navigate through my issues. She is one of the most empathetic therapists I have met. She truly cares for her patients and goes the extra mile to support their journey. I am so blessed to have found her and would highly recommend her to anyone.

- Jasmine

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Sean Chew Hock Meng

English, Chinese

Professional Counsellor

Reviews for Sean Chew Hock Meng

Sean has been journeying with me in my times of difficulties. Super thankful to his presence. 

- Xian

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Su Tawana


Professional Counsellor | Clinical Hypnotherapist | Animal-Assisted Counsellor

Reviews for Su Tawana

Su's calming energy and voice have created an ambience that helped me relax and be open. She was able to show me new perspectives and guide me discover more about myself and my issues. Su used metaphors and probed questions to help me see my issues more clearly.

- JK

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Christian Yan


Professional Counsellor | Mind-Body Therapist | Certified Physical Fitness Trainer

Reviews for Christian Yan

Christian was helpful in getting me to focus on building my mental health... he added physical exercises to boost my mood and strength. I'm grateful I met him!

- Sue

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Bhavna Gahlaut

English, Hindi

Psychotherapist | Professional Counsellor

Review for Bhavna

I was lost, anxious, and confused about everything in my life when I first sought help from Bhavna. Through her guidance, patience, and expertise, I've been able to manoeuvre through the difficulties that seemed impossible to me. She provided me with the tools and support I needed to regain control and clarity. I am immensely grateful for her compassionate guidance on my journey to a healthier, happier life

- Anonymous

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Hariharan S/o Mohan

English, Tamil


Reviews for Hariharan

Hari has been very helpful in helping me redirect my life with purpose. Super grateful to be connected to him. He believed in me when others didn't.

- Anonymous

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Agatha Soh

English, Chinese

Professional Counsellor

Reviews for Agatha Soh

Agatha has been someone I'm comfortable with. I felt like she actually cared and genuinely took interest in my wellbeing. It's quite rare to find someone as professional and warm as her. I would say she had been the right fit for me.

- Ros

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Kartik Anand

English, Tamil

Clinical Hypnotherapist | Senior Social Worker | Associate Counsellor

Reviews for Kartik Anand

He did many therapies and exercises including the picture cards, empty chair technique, and art play with my kids to help me and my family reach deeper states we were struggling with and managing.. he supported me as I wanted to use his therapeutic listening techniques to also support my kids … Kartik that makes me a better an stronger person.

- DD

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