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Clinical Hypnotherapy


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is centred around calming the mind and body so that scattered thoughts and emotions ‘noise’ are quietened, and attention is brought to a single point of focus. When relaxation and focus is experienced, the brain moves into a ‘ready’ state for learning and change to occur. Therapeutic techniques such as repeated visualization, suggestion, talk, cognitive behaviour therapy, are incorporated when the brain is in ready state to bring about desired change. 

Hypnotherapy can be an effective therapeutic module to cope with stress, anxiety, fears/phobias, PTSD, eating disorders, nicotine addiction, behavioural changes, pain management and oncological symptom and menopausal symptoms.  

The mind and body connection in itself is nature’s pre-organized system to bring about powerful change.

Calm your body, mind and emotions with hypnotherapy.

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