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Psychologists / Counsellors 


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Dr Emmanuel Bernet

Educational Psychologist
Professional Counsellor 
Pedagogical Consultant
Researcher (Education)

Languages for Counselling:  

English and French

Types of Services:

Individuals | Teens Families | Groups

  • Face to face
  • video
  • phone
  • email
  • home

If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.

- John Dewey

Dr. Emmanuel Bernet is a French-Canadian distinguished school educator, teacher-trainer, pedagogical advisor, educational researcher and professional counsellor. He brings over 25 years of unwavering commitment to education as he embarks on his counselling and psychotherapy career.


His goal is to assist parents, students, and teachers of Singapore local schools and tuition centers[1] in coping more effectively with some prominent challenges of contemporary education and personal growth. In a competency-based approach to education, his expertise covers a wide array of areas crucial to educational success and well-being. These include motivation to learn, performance anxiety and school dropout prevention, psychosocial skills and metacognition, cooperative classroom management, pedagogical differentiation, integration of technologies in class, responsible use of electronic devices at home, parental involvement in schooling, as well as the design and evaluation of professional development actions. In psychotherapy, he has been extensively trained in bioenergetic analysis, and recently in cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused brief modalities.


At the beginning of his fruitful career, he immersed himself in multicultural and underprivileged educational contexts as an upper primary classroom teacher in Québec, instructing in all major disciplines of the curriculum. Recognized swiftly for his innovative teaching skills, he began mentoring pre-service teachers in his classroom and later became a trusted advisor for in-service educators. From his practice, he grew increasingly concerned about three major issues: Student motivation and wellbeing, parents’ struggles with education and technology usage, and teachers’ continuous professional development efficacy. Consequently, he concurrently achieved exceptional honors and distinctions in his master’s and doctorate degrees in educational psychology at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Montreal.


However, he felt that his studies were insufficient to address the core characterological beliefs, dynamics, and issues deeply influencing engagement in educative contexts. Therefore, after being introduced by one of his professors to a more holistic approach to understanding the interconnected dynamics of children's life history with his socio-emotional, cognitive, behavioural, and physical traits within the classroom, he pursued a five-year post-university certificate for mental-health practitioners in Bioenergetic Analysis Therapy and has over 600 hours of training. Dr. Bernet clinically practiced this approach under supervision for a few years, nourishing his work as an educator and teacher trainer in schools. He is currently completing his final phase of accreditation as a CBT (Certified Bioenergetic Therapist).


Dr. Bernet has been playing a vital role at the International French School (IFS) primarily as an educational psychology, technology, and professional learning advisor, while also teaching lower elementary children to remain grounded into practice. His higher responsibilities include developing and applying good educational technology policies and practices, collaborating on significant research projects with universities, coordinating an internal continuous professional development center, and conducting countless training sessions.


His expertise extends beyond the schools he has worked at. As an independent consultant since 2005, he has been sought after to provide training in schools, advise parents, engage with government representatives, lecture university students, and present his work in professional and scientific congresses across more than a dozen countries, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Of course, as a researcher, he values designing innovative and transformative training courses, as well as applying evidence-based group and one-to-one interventions to foster achievement and wellbeing. All this brought him to collaborate on writing research reports, articles in scientific and professional journals, and a book chapter on wellbeing at school. 


Emmanuel’s multifaceted passion for pedagogy, psychology, therapy, and technology has cultivated a rich expertise, empowering him to comprehensively address various educational challenges with a holistic, yet scientific approach. His will be focusing on providing counselling and psychotherapy services to:

  • Parents on parent-child bonding, education, motivation and personal growth 

  • Teenagers and Young Adults

  • Teacher’s and lecturers on self care  and motivation amongst others

  • Neeurofeedback in learning and motivation 

[1] For ethical and conflict of interest’s considerations, Dr. Bernet cannot work with international schools in Singapore or their branches abroad, as well as with teachers, parents and students of the International French School of Singapore.

Educational qualifications

  • Doctor of Philosophy
    in Educational Psychology

  • Master of Arts  in Educational Psychology 

  • Bachelor of Science
    in Preschool and Primary Education

  • Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy (completion in Sept 2024)

  • Advanced Trainee in Bioenergetic Analysis (awaiting completion to Certified Bioenergetic Therapist)

  • Diploma of College Studies in Human Sciences with Mathematics


  • International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (IIBA)

  • Singapore Positive Education Network (SPEN)

  • Observatoire du Bien-être à l’école (OBE)

  • Centre de Recherche Interuniversitaire sur La Formation et la Profession Enseignante (CRIFPE) 

Reviews for Emmanuel 

He is highly versatile and able to motivate children and teens alike to pursue their studies with enthusiasm.


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