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Jon Sim Kok Lim

Professional Counsellor 
LGBTQI+ Counsellor

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Types of Services:

Individuals | Teens


  • Face to face
  • video
  • phone
  • email
  • home

“If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Jon’s 13 years of financial corporate experience spans over Regional and Global roles in various Multi-National Corporations covering health-care, renewable wind power and wines-spirit industry. He has successfully co-led in setting up and implementing SAP/Lucanet systems in various countries, executed integration project of 2 merged global entities and have supported up to 110 entities for financial reporting/closing process. 


The need to interact and manage the wide pool of stakeholders with varying nationalities and personalities has definitely placed the importance in taking note and being sensitive towards individual and cultural differences.


The realization in the declining motivation and drive in the finance work arena prompted the start of his self-reflection and self-discovery journey. In the midst, he became aware of certain childhood dynamics through the works of a psychodrama therapist and this become an inspiration for him to explore the counselling career. His continuous investment in himself stems from his belief in the importance of the world of “heart” instead of the just the “mind”. 


Jon is no stranger to the dark moments in life. With the sudden passing away of his dad and being the only son, he had to take up the role of the "man in house". Growing up in a traditional Chinese valued based family, his gay sexual orientation created numerous struggling moments in his self-identity and desire in coming out. The built up of his self-awareness (reflections, meditations) coupled with a strong social support system not only enabled him to rise above these inner struggles, it further allowed him to embrace individuality. 


Jon is thus very committed to the mental health field, and has previously volunteered to provide queer affirmative and LGBTQ+ counselling (phone and email). As a trainee counsellor, he has worked with youths and adults covering issues from depression, anger, stress, anxiety, relationship and work struggles. 


He utilises Person Centred Therapy (PCT) to provide his clients the safe and non-judgemental space to express their individuality, concerns and issues. Through the sessions, he also uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) in illustrating to clients how their mindset and expectations impacts their emotions and behaviours. At times, Jon likes to highlight the strengths, resilience or positive qualities that clients might have overlooked through strength-based therapy. 


His intensive struggles in life, coupled with his people focused personality, has well equipped him with an empathetic and compassionate disposition for the “heart work” in therapy. Motivated by the meaningful purpose in listening to others, trusting others and himself and aligning with his personal strengths and values, he decided to put his foot down in Jun 2021 to pursue his mid-career change to a professional counsellor. Jon commenced his journey in his master's degree in counselling after completing his Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology Counselling. 


During his free time, Jon actively volunteers to help those who struggle with mental health issues and never fails to engage in self-care through physical exercises, meditations and social meet ups.

Educational qualifications

  • Master of Counselling (Advanced) 

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology

  • Bachelor in Business (First Class Honours)

  • Diploma in Banking & Financial Services (Diploma with Merit)


  • Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) 

Reviews for Jon

I’ve been having session with Jon for a period and he’s someone who came as very personal and patient. Instead of giving you solution, Jon will listen attentively before analyzing the situation with you. After each session, it made me think back further, and that allow me to be clearer of certain things which I never thought of initially. Jon also respond fast and will follow-up closely with me, ensuring things are going well. Overall, Jon came as one who is responsible and one who allow me to feel comfortable sharing my issue without any judgement. :)

- Chiu Yee

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