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Mindfulness Clinic and App


The Mindfulness Clinic stands as a dedicated therapy center in collaboration with Centre for Mindfulness (CFM), offering specialized services centered around individual mindfulness-oriented psychotherapy and counseling. Our clinic is staffed by certified mindfulness teachers, each equipped with extensive training in therapy, counseling, and mental health expertise.

Mindfulness Clinic

The Mindfulness Clinic

The Mindfulness Clinic extends its support to clients seeking individual, couple, or family therapy, integrating mindfulness approaches into their treatment. Currently, our services cater to individuals experiencing the following mental health conditions:


  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

  • Depression

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Anxiety Disorders 

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Eating Disorders

  • Disruptive behaviour and dissocial disorders

  • Behavioural addictions


Mindfulness Clinic

Here are some key features that define our mindfulness clinic:


1. Expert Guidance: Our clinic is led by seasoned professionals, all certified mindfulness teachers (CMT-P) and mental health experts. They have undergone rigorous training in mindfulness-based programs and bring a wealth of experience to guide our clients.


2. Mindfulness-Centred Approaches: We are dedicated to providing structured mindfulness practices that extend over several weeks or even months. These programs encompass individual therapy sessions where participants explore a wide array of mindfulness techniques. These include meditation, breathing exercises, body scan, and mindful movement, which can be practiced individually or in tandem with a caregiver.


3. Personalised Care: We understand that everyone's journey is unique. Our clinic offers individualised treatment plans tailored to each participant's specific needs and objectives. We begin by assessing an individual's mental health, identifying areas of concern, and then collaboratively developing strategies to seamlessly incorporate mindfulness into their daily routines.


4. Mindfulness-Based Therapies: In addition to mindfulness practices, our clinic may incorporate other therapeutic approaches that embrace mindfulness principles. These may involve cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) with a mindfulness focus, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) amongst others.


5. Group Support: When beneficial, our mindfulness clinic offers group sessions to foster a sense of community and provide additional support. These group settings allow individuals to openly share their experiences, learn from one another, and collectively practice mindfulness. This collaborative environment enhances the learning process and creates a strong sense of community among participants.

Meet The Team 

Dr. Sunita Rai

Dr. Sunita Rai

Senior Consultant |

Clinical Psychologist |

Registered Counsellor |

Certified Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P) | 

Clinical Supervisor |

Faculty Lecturer | Author 

Hernie Khames - Martin

Hernie Khames-Martin (CMT-P)

Certified Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P) |

Psychotherapist | Professional Counsellor

Dr. Priya Fafat

Dr. Priya Fafat

Certified Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P) | 

Psychotherapist | Registered Counsellor

The Mindfulness App that doesn't cost you a penny

Enhance your Wellbeing and Elevate your Performance!

As part of the Accelerant X Group (AXG) offer, you can download this Awareness Space App to experiment with some of the mindfulness practices that the therapist shares with you during your session. We have globally recognised Certified Mindfulness Teachers  and Psychotherapists who can guide you through the mindfulness practices and even conduct 8 week structured programmes for your family and you and for organisations.

Evidence-Based Mindfulness Practices

All our practices are evidence based mindfulness practices. Use this app to guide you in your daily mindfulness practices to support your journey outside of the therapy room. 

Mindfulness App
range of services bg

Range of Services

The Awareness Space App is focused on all things mindfulness without any distractions. You can choose to listen to practices or to read articles. Organisations who sign up with us also have a dedicated programme for their staff to practice. Each practice has a timer so that you can fully focus on following the instructions of the audio track rather than looking at the clock. We have also added reminders so that you can schedule your practices without any worries. And a final tip: we have a mindfulness bell built in so you can choose to just meditate for a minute without any audio support too.

Mindfulness App
Mindfulness App
Mindfulness App
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