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Psychologists / Counsellors 



Dr Sunita Rai

Clinical & Counselling Psychologist
Clinical Member & Registered Counsellor (RC)
Certified Mindfulness Teacher & Coach (CMT-P)
Wellbeing Coach | Clinical Supervisor 
Certified Trait Assessor | Lecturer 
Author | Keynote Speaker

Languages for Counselling:  English

Spoken languages:  English, Mandarin, Bhojpuri, Basic Hindi

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Types of Services:

Individuals | Couples Children | Teens

Families | Groups

"Create positive ripples wherever you go by investing in your holistic wellbeing."

Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

Dr. Sunita Rai has many years of experience in studying, researching, practising and lecturing on psychology and counselling. Her clinical experience covers a broad spectrum of individuals, including children, teens, couples, families and groups. She is experienced in providing therapy in schools, children’s homes, counselling centres, family service centres, and prisons. She is currently a private practitioner and handles cases comprising a wide range of issues from intrapersonal, interpersonal and organisational settings. She is also heavily focused on providing coaching on wellbeing and mindfulness. She is also a lecturer and a clinical supervisor for psychologists and counsellors. 


Amongst her many achievements, she co-developed an entire psychological model of therapy for rehabilitation for the incarcerated. She also trained counsellors in Singapore and Australia to use this model to guide others in living a responsible life. As part of her doctorate research, she developed a unique model for well-being called Integrated Wellbeing Model  (IWM), which individuals or organisations can use. She speaks at conferences on IWM and is currently writing her third book on IWM and the fourth book on mindfulness and wellbeing. 


Coaching, Facilitating and Lecturing

Sunita has vast corporate experience as an individual leading team and as a facilitator and coach in her current role. Sunita has led many workshops on topics related to wellbeing, mindfulness, psychology, counselling, communications and people management. 


She has conducted talks and workshops for parents, teachers and students in multiple primary and secondary schools since 2006. She also lectures psychology and counselling modules at various private institutions for adult learners.


Teaching Mindfulness  

Sunita has been practising mindfulness since 2009. She is an IMTA Certified Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P), coach, and supervisor for trainee teachers. She uses her unique ability to incorporate psychology and mindfulness into an integrated practice when conducting workshops and in her psychotherapy services. 


She is the Executive Director atCentre for Mindfulness Pte Ltd and co-develops curriculums using approaches from mindfulness, psychology and wellbeing perspectives. She conducts workshops in mindfulness for the general public, in schools for students and teachers and organisations for staff development. 


She also coaches individuals in mindfulness to help individuals lead fulfilling lives. She incorporated mindfulness into the Integrated Wellbeing Model (IWM) as a holistic approach. She relies on research evidence and her experience teaching mindfulness rather than the following fad. She is familiar with various Mindfulness applications such as Generic Mindfulness Practices; Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Mindfulness for Stress Management (MBSR), Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE), Mindfulness at Workplace, Mindfulness for Psychotherapists and Counsellors, Mindful Parenting, Mindful Couple Relationships, Mindful Coaching, Mindful Teaching, and Mindfulness-based Wellbeing. 


She has developed a unique model integrating mindfulness and therapy and trains psychotherapists in Mindfulness-Oriented Counselling & Psychotherapy (MOCP) Training Certification and co-developed Mindfulness-Oriented Animal Assisted Activities. She is a teacher and supervisor at the Centre for Mindfulness for the one-year Mindfulness Teaching Training certification programme. 


Organisational Experience 

Sunita is the Founding Partner and Organisational Wellbeing Consultant at Positive Performance Consulting. She has over 26 years of experience in local and regional marketing; corporate training and staff development; psychotherapy and counselling; mindfulness and wellbeing; coaching, facilitating and lecturing others. Her dedication to the progress of individuals and organisations propelled her to leave her career as a Marketing Manager to pursue her dream of helping others by becoming a psychologist. Sunita has strong intuition to sense the needs of staff and organisations and bring them together towards co-creating a future where the needs of the whole system are met. She can work with teams of all levels and connects easily with people. Many appreciate her genuineness, honesty, ethical, caring and empathetic nature. 


She currently provides consultancy services to organisations on staff training and development, facilitating workshops, coaching individuals and teams, lecturing at institutes of higher learning, and providing psychotherapy services. She is familiar with various industries from NGOs, government and private institutions, and the education sector. 


She has also co-developed a Positive Performance Leadership program with her colleagues. She has a solid ability to create organisational curriculums by incorporating self-awareness, psychology and mindfulness in all training materials. 


She is familiar with telecommunications, government and private education institutions, transportation, armed forces, financial services, hospitals, engineering, social services/NGOs, sales and the government sectors, amongst others.



Sunita strongly believes in positive possibilities, strengths, wellbeing, mindfulness, values and people development. She has the keen ability and intuition to sense the needs of individuals, groups, staff and organisations and bring them together towards co-creating a future where the needs of the whole system are met. She is a highly versatile facilitator, coach, psychotherapist and lecturer.


One of her greatest strengths is synthesising various theories and applying them in practice. This has made a significant difference to people from all walks of life as they have found it compelling yet straightforward as it can be applied to their daily lives. Moreover, her ability to appreciate cultural diversity and adapt to different situations dramatically adds value to her clients. Her strong analytical and organisational skills have also enabled her to be effective in her area of work with diverse audiences. She balances her objectivity with a keen sense of sensitivity to people’s cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioural needs. 

Educational qualifications

  • Doctor of Psychology 

  • Master of Social Science (Counselling) 

  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

  • Bachelor of Business in Business Administration with Distinction (Marketing) with top student awards

  • Diploma in Counselling Psychology

  • Diploma in Business Administration 

  • Diploma in Hindu Studies

  • Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) 

  • Certified Mindfulness Teacher Professional Level (CMT-P)

  • Certified Trait Assessor 

  • Certified Facilitator of the Appreciation at Work 


  • American Psychological Association (APA)

  • American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA)

  • International Association of Group Psychotherapists (IAGP)

  • American Counselling Association (ACA)

  • Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy 

  • International Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors (IAMFC)

  • Singapore Psychological Society (SPS)

  • Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC)

  • International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA) 


Reviews for Dr. Sunita Rai

Sunita was my supervisor while I was taking my post graduate diploma in counselling psychology. As a supervisor, she has far exceeded any expectations I may have had. Her genuine care and concern for my growth and learning as well as her congruence as a person allowed me to see what a good therapist looks like while providing a safe space to find my own style of work. I also had the privilege of being her student in several modules, and I can say, as a private tutor and educator for the past 20+ years, Sunita is the best kind of lecturer one could hope to get: deeply concerned with her students' learning, takes feedback well, answers questions fully, and never dismissive or belittling. In both contexts, I have learned and grown with my interactions with Sunita. She is the type of perfusion the world can use many more of.

- Alex Wang

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