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Pet Geriatric & Palliative Care


Pet Geriatric & Palliative Care Therapy

Empowering you to nurture yourself and your beloved pet during the golden years of your companionship. 

Our devoted team specializes in geriatric and palliative care for pets, offering compassionate and effective treatments that enhance their emotional, physical, and psychological well-being as they age. We focus on integrating the soothing presence of animals to create a nurturing environment that supports their comfort and health during their later stages of life.

Pet Geriatric and Palliative Care

  • Understand Your Pet's Needs. We provide insights into the changes your pet might experience with age, and recognising signs of discomfort or illness.

  • Provide Comfort and Care. We offer practical tips on adjusting your pet's living environment and mental stimulation to enhance their well- being.

  • Strengthen Your Bond. We discuss the significance of quality time spent with your senior pet.

  • Address your Emotional Well-being:

  • Address the emotional aspects of caring for an aging pet, from feelings of nostalgia to potential stress and grief.

  • Self-Care Strategies: Offer practical self-care tips.


  • Improved Quality of Life:

    • Enhance overall well-being

    • Manage pain and discomfort

  • Enhanced Bond:

    • Strengthen bond between your pet, your family and you

    • Provide emotional support

  • Family Support:

    • Assist in decision-making

    • Offer education on pet care

  • Peaceful Transition:

    • Facilitate dignified end-of-life

    • Provids guidance on tough decisions

Grief Therapy:

Losing a beloved pet can be an incredibly painful experience. Our dedicated team can guide you in navigating the complex emotions of grief and facilitating a path towards healing.

  • We help you to understand the various stages and dynamics of grief.

  • Support and help your family and you to process grief and the diverse emotions associated with the loss of a loved pet.

  • Help your family and you to curate pet memorials.

  • Facilitate a meaningful conversation with your family and you on the loss of your pet.

  • Share self-care strategies as a family and individually


Cherish each moment, providing love and comfort.

Cat Cuddles
A girl and her dog

Su Tawana

As a therapist in pet geriatric and palliative care, I believe that every sunset of a pet's life should be met with gentle hands, compassionate hearts, and the promise of comfort in their remaining moments.

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