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Holistic Services


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Psychology Based Services 

We believe in your strengths and we know that you have been successful in your life journey. What is success is highly subjective. We help you discover your purpose, meaning and success in life with what aligns with you. That is the route to holistic living. Life and the moment of experiences are to be sipped slowly like sipping a cup of  tea. Experience life’s rich aroma and engage all your senses and mind through awareness in your living, moment to moment. 


At times, we need someone to walk the journey of life with us when we experience some downtimes or even during new opportunities that arises. Come and engage in a dialogue with us while we co-create the present and future that you want

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Psychological,  Psychotherapy & Counselling & Coaching

We have services to match your entire lifespan needs from counselling children, teens, adults, couples, families, parenting, and groups.

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Mindfulness & Wellbeing

We have certified and globally accredited Mindfulness and Wellbeing Coaches who can guide you one-on-one or in group to enhance your wellbeing. 

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School Workshops

We have many programmes for leaders, teachers, staff, students, and parents. Programmes include mindfulness, resiliency, wellbeing, counselling, leadership, theme-based, creativity, and many more.

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Corporate Workshops & Consulting

Our trained counsellors and psychotherapists conduct our programmes. We provide EAPW programmes and workshops for leaders, teams, staff, and organisation culture and wellbeing.

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Employee Assistance Programme & Wellbeing (EAP)

We have a comprehensive EAP programme to meet your employee's professional and personal needs. We have experience in a wide range of challenges in corporations.

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Executive Coaching

We have a group of Executive Coaches who provide coaching to leaders and executives using a wide range of frameworks, strategies and tools.

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Clinical Supervision

Our Clinical and Counselling Psychologist is a highly sought Clinical Supervisor. She is well known for providing structure and guidance to go deeper into each case. She nurtures you both personally and professionally. 

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Lecturing & Facilitation

We have a pool of trainers, lecturers and resource speakers who can be engaged in talks, workshops and seminars. We also train and lecture at the local tertiary schools and private institutions.

 Range of Services

We provide a whole range of holistic services to meet all of your needs. 

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