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Mindfulness & Wellbeing


What is mindfulness and wellbeing? 

Mindfulness is the attitude and ability to be fully present with moment-to-moment awareness of our presence, thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, actions, and environment. Practising mindfulness helps one to stay grounded and to be able to respond with awareness without reacting to one's impulses. 


 Wellbeing refers to a broader scope than mindfulness. Wellbeing refers to our general health and happiness, including our emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing. At the Holistic Psychotherapy Centre (HPC), we use the model developed by Dr Sunita Rai, which is the Integrated Wellbeing Model (IWM), to help our clients lead fulfilling lives. 

1. Mindfulness and Wellbeing Coaching

Be the best that you can be! Life coaching helps one reach their goals and dreams and fulfil their projects. It’s like having a personal gym trainer. We examine your strengths, goals, desires, possible obstacles and challenges and walk the journey towards self-development through clear directions, planning and moving into action. We also evaluate along the way. People come to us for career transitions, motivation, spirituality, family and parenting, amongst others. Coaching is very future-focused.

2. Mindfulness-Based Programmes

As part of the Accelerated Xcellent Group (AXG) collaboration, the Centre for Mindfulness Pte Ltd (CFM) supports all mindfulness programmes of our centre. CFM is an accredited Mindfulness Training Provider and a specialised centre for Mindfulness Teaching and Training. They are an accredited mindfulness training provider of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA). The Centre provides Mindfulness Training for the Public, Corporates and Schools. 

Mindfulness and wellbeing coaching enhances your self awareness, attention and acceptance. 

Integrated Wellbeing Model

Integrated Wellbeing Model (IWM) 

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