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Corporate Workshops & Consulting


Corporate Workshops & Consulting

Trained counsellors, psychologists and coaches will conduct all our programmes.


We have a wide range of programmes for:

- Leaders

- Teams 

- organisation culture 


Our programmes include:

- Lunchtime talks 

- Counselling 

- Leadership training 

- Wellbeing programmes 

- Staff Team Building and Bonding

- Theme Based Workshops such as improving performance, productivity, time management etc 

- Mindfulness Programmes

- Executive Coaching

- Team Coaching 

- Employee Assistance Programme and Wellbeing (EAPW) 


Contact us at to discuss how we can best serve you based on your needs. We usually have a needs analysis call followed by a proposal and further conversations to customise our programmes to your needs. 

Appreciating corporate cultures, and engaging teams while empowering leaders.

Corporate Workshops
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