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Holistic Psychotherapy Centre

Your Holistic Wellbeing Matters to Us!

Your privacy is important to us and we keep our sessions confidential. The team of mindfulness coaches, psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, wellbeing and life coaches focus on your purpose and meaning in your personal life and at the workplace while highlighting your strengths, and managing challenges with tools and skills. We focus on empowering you by co-journeying with you to explore your inner world to create a life-map (including school-map and work-map) that enhances your happiness and wellbeing while boosting your professional work and performance. 

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People  Counselled

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Organisations Served

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18 years

Psychological, Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

Organisational Memberships 

We are committed to global standards of Psychotherapy and Counselling. We are an Organisational Member of International Association for Counselling (IAC) and each of us is also a member at Singapore Counselling Association (SAC). We are also an Enterprise Member of Workforce Advancement Federation (WAF). Each of us also has membership in multiple institutions to ensure that we give you the best service possible. 

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@ Dr Sunita Rai 

Integrated Wellbeing Model (IWM)

The centre’s philosophy is rooted in the Integrated Wellbeing Model (IWM) developed by its founder, Dr Sunita Rai. This unique model adopted by all its therapists provides a wholesome and systematic approach in achieving wellbeing for you, your organisation and your family. This model enables you to satisfy the needs of all your five Selves appreciating and nourishing them. Enhancing wellbeing then is not just being happy or joyful all the time. It is really about recognising and meeting our innate needs holistically. Our therapists will help you achieve this. Connect with us to discover your five Selves.

 Range of Services

We provide a whole range of holistic services to meet all of your needs. 

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Psychological,  Psychotherapy & Counselling & Coaching

We have services to match your entire lifespan needs from counselling children, teens, adults, couples, families, parenting, and groups.

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Mindfulness & Wellbeing

We have certified and globally accredited Mindfulness and Wellbeing Coaches who can guide you one-on-one or in groups to enhance your wellbeing. 

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School Workshops

We have many programmes for leaders, teachers, staff, students, and parents. Programmes include mindfulness, resiliency, wellbeing, counselling, leadership, theme-based, creativity, and many more.

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Corporate Workshops & Consulting

Our trained counsellors and psychotherapists facilitate all of our programmes. We provide EAP programmes and workshops for leaders, teams, staff, and organisation culture and wellbeing.

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Employee Assistance Programme & Wellbeing (EAP)

We have a comprehensive EAP programme to meet your employee's professional and personal needs. We have experience in meeting a wide range of needs in corporations.

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Executive Coaching

We have a group of Executive Coaches who provide coaching to leaders and executives using a wide range of frameworks, strategies and tools.

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Clinical Supervision

Our Clinical and Counselling Psychologist is a highly sought after Clinical Supervisor. She is well known for providing structure and guidance to go deeper into each case. She nurtures you both personally and professionally. 

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Lecturing & Facilitation

We have a pool of trainers, lecturers and resource speakers who can be engaged for talks, workshops and seminars. We also train and lecture at the local tertiary schools and private institutions.

How does therapy work?

Access face-to-face and online counselling sessions on weekdays  and weekends from 8am to 9pm.

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1. Self Reflection

Reflect on your concerns, challenges and needs. Think about what you will like to achieve with counselling and therapy.  If you are unsure, not to worry, we will guide you through in the session. 

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2. Type of Services

We have services to match many of your needs from counselling children, teens, adults, couples, families, parenting, and  groups. You can also choose programmes for schools or corporations. Our Clinical and Counselling Psychologist also provide clinical supervision, lecturing and speaking engagements.  

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3. Therapist Match

Choose amongst our trained and qualified Clinical & Counselling Psychologist, Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Our team respects your privacy and treats every client with the highest level of standards set by SAC, ACA, SPS, APA, and AGPA amongst others.


4. Beginning the
Empowering Journey

Your therapist will co-journey with you towards working through your challenges and concerns. We are committed to an integrative approach towards achieving your goals and enhancing your wellbeing using the Integrated Wellbeing Model .

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5. End and Review

Once you have met your goals, your therapist will collaboratively develop a wellbeing plan for the rest of your life journey. We will also check in with you on your mental health and wellbeing over a period of time to ensure that you are alone in your journey. 

FREE 15 minutes consult with any of our psychologist, counsellors or psychotherapsists.

Connect with us for a non-obligatory free call.


We are committed to you. We will  connect with you within three (3) working days to discuss your needs and requirements to help you lead a more fulfilling life. 

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Our client's satisfying experience

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"I found the sessions with Dr Sunita beneficial, she is focused and can identify the root cause of the problem. She also provides concrete strategies to deal with the issue."

Aley M.

Upcoming events

  • 10 Week Psychotherapy & Mindfulness Couple Coaching
    10 Week Psychotherapy & Mindfulness Couple Coaching
    Date and time is mutually agreed.
    Psychotherapist Led via Zoom
    Date and time is mutually agreed.
    Date and time is mutually agreed.
    This 10-week course enhances your relationship and wellbeing by integrating psychotherapy and mindfulness.
  • 10 Week Psychotherapy & Mindfulness Family Coaching
    10 Week Psychotherapy & Mindfulness Family Coaching
    Date and time is mutually agreed.
    Psychotherapist Led via Zoom
    Date and time is mutually agreed.
    Date and time is mutually agreed.
    This 10-week course enhances your family relationship and wellbeing by integrating psychotherapy and mindfulness.
  • 8 Week Psychotherapy & Mindfulness Individual Coaching
    8 Week Psychotherapy & Mindfulness Individual Coaching
    Date and time is mutually agreed.
    Psychotherapist Led via Zoom
    Date and time is mutually agreed.
    Date and time is mutually agreed.
    This 8-week course enhances your wellbeing by integrating psychotherapy and mindfulness.

Trusted by our Valued Clients

Pleasure to be of service in the area of psychotherapy, counselling, lecturing, coaching and facilitating workshops.

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The Mindfulness App that doesn't cost you a penny

Enhance your Wellbeing and Elevate your Performance!

As part of the Accelerant X Group (AXG) offer, you can download this Awareness Space App to experiment with some of the mindfulness practices that the therapist shares with you during your session. We have globally recognised Certified Mindfulness Teachers  and Psychotherapists who can guide you through the mindfulness practices and even conduct 8 week structured programmes for your family and you and for organisations.