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Holistic Psychotherapy Centre

You are the master of your life and we provide a platform for you to experience yourself to the fullest.

Holistic Living

We, at Holistic Psychotherapy Centre, are a team of psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, wellbeing coaches, and health and wellness coaches who believe in Holistic Living. We believe in focusing on your strengths, managing challenges and walking the journey of life together. Incidences in our lives makes us more resilient and we believe that seeking a counsellor or therapist is no different from seeing a medical doctor when our body is unwell. We are here.

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Our Services

Individual Counselling

Know thyself! Individual counselling is a dynamic and collaborative process between the therapist and you.

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Premarital Consultation

Premartial consultation provides a open and trusting holding space for couples to explore the bridges that connects.

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Marriage Counselling

The therapist provides both parties is a safe environment to voice out any issues of hurt, disappointments or even anger.

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Children Counselling

Children are a great gift and joy of life. Sometimes they can have challenges managing themselves.

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Online Counselling

This is a great alternative to individual counselling which is held face-to-face. We use HD video conferencing programme.

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We have a pool of supervisors who are willing to impart their knowledge and expertise to trainees in the field.

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