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You are the master of your life and we provide a
platform for you to experience yourself to the fullest.

Is this a sign of weakness? No, it is called Intelligent Living.

Our Services

Individual Counseling

Know thyself!

Premarital Consultation

Provides open and trusting holding space for couples.

Marriage Counseling

Objectivity is not easy when we are in intimate relationships.

Children Counseling

It can provide them with an avenue to express themselves positively.

Family Therapy

Family is a great support for anyone.

Group Therapy

Being in a group helps one to learn from one another's experience.

Life Coaching

Helps one to reach their personal goals and dreams.

Support Groups

Support groups help people to cope better and make connections with people.

More Services

Development does not end once a person reaches physical maturity, but continues throughout life. Developmental psychologists seek to describe and analyze the regularities of human development across the entire life span. It focuses primarily on those aspects of development that make one person similar to another as a species (Atkinson, 1993).

Let us pause for a moment and think. As this is about ourselves, we call it reflection.

On a normal day, do you talk more about good stuff (values, dreams, gratitude, accomplishment) or bad stuff (weather, crowd, cost etc.)? Do we reject people as a whole just because they did something we do not like or we think is wrong. Do we ask more or talk more?

Here is a little bit of description about some of the widely used instruments in the market. Each of them are designed with a specific outcome in mind and the coach/administrator will be able to help you choose the right one, based on the purpose. Remember, what matters is not the report, but the coach-debrief conversation that follows.

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